Speeding vs stopping distance - defensive driving

Written by Ronak Shah

Speeding is the biggest contributing factor in road accidents and majority of drivers on our roads have no idea of the true effect that speeding has if something were to go wrong. The fact is even travelling at an additional 10km/h over the speed limit could result in 2 very different outcomes if something were to happen.

Imagine you were driving along at 60km/h and another vehicle pulled out immediately in front of you from a side street you needed to stop immediately to avoid having an accident. If you had the correct emergency braking technique, on average, you would pull up in approximately 3 car lengths without including the reaction time component. If you were then to double your speed to 120km/h in a 110km/h zone on a freeway, which many drivers don’t think twice about, and were faced by a similar situation and needed to stop suddenly, how many car lengths do you think it would take to stop? Come up with the amount of car lengths in your head and then watch the video below.

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