Pass First Go with 100%!!!

By Rebecca


Passed with Flying Colours!

Onroad Driving Education delivers quality education and has a well known reputation for successfully helping learners to pass their license; with this being said - Founder and owner of Onroad Driving Education Sapna Shah is very pleased that her daughter Adi has gained her license first go! 

Sapna says "It's always a pleasure when people pass their provisional license 100% with flying colours but for me the greater importance is not that she gained her P's but that she is a safe and good driver and I'm confident that she will be". 

Sapna is a highly qualified and experienced driving instructor, who has been in the industry for 13 years! She believes safety is the most important aspect of getting one's licence and to continue practicing safe driving behaviour throughout your life. Onroad is centred around preparing young drivers for situations they may face behind the wheel and how to navigate them with the lowest risk possible. 

It's essential that P platers drive safely for the first 6 months after achieving their license to help reinforce safe driving habits and Adi says "I am very happy and excited to get my P's first go; I truly believe that completing 120 hours driving and attending the Safer Drivers Course really helped me to understand the safety aspect of driving"

Onroad Driving Education will assist in preparing the learners for their test and will ensure that they are well equipped to become confident and safe drivers. All our instructors are passionate about preparing all drivers for safety behind the wheel at all times and creating a safer driving future for Australia. 

The safety of our driving community is Onroad's number one priority.

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