What is the difference between a standard lesson vs Advanced Courses?

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What is the difference between a standard lesson vs Advanced Courses you ask?


The difference between both our Standard Driver Training and our Advanced Courses is that our standard lessons are designed to give Learners practical experience with our dedicated Instructors and develop the skills to drive with an Automatic or Manual vehicle in preparation for their driving test or to go back to the basics and refresh the driver's knowledge behind the wheel; each of our individual Instructors has different techniques in their structured plan with teaching. a pick-up and drop off service is available from the student's location within Metropolitan Sydney, our services are also available 7 days a week and the prices differ from our Advanced courses. Which can be found HERE

With the COVID-19 restrictions previously placed on motorists in Sydney, research suggested that 1 in 4 Australians admitted to taking more risks on the roads since the lockdowns were imposed with speeding up to 17%. 

An increase in the traffic ensured that Driving Schools were reopened allowing Learners to brush up on their Defensive Driving Skills. At Onroad Driving School we not only assist Learners with our standard Driving Lessons; we also provide a varied range of Advanced Courses enabling students to learn the important and essential skills that are necessary to drive safely on the road. 

In order to pass your Driver’s Test, you need to be assessed on your competency towards simple everyday driving tasks. Just obtaining a license isn’t enough, but learning the right skills and techniques to be a qualified driver is what matters. This is exactly what our Defensive Driving Course focuses on.

We aim to educate drivers through a combination of theory and practical exercises on how to dramatically lower their risk behind the wheel.

  1. Identify and manage risks
  2. What to do in an emergency situation
  3. Important factors in road accidents
  4. Speed vs stopping distance
  5. Vehicle safety systems
  6. Vehicle dynamics
  7. Low-risk driving strategies and emergency braking

Over the years with experience and through gaining feedback from instructors, we have found that learner drivers are also not being taught how to drive on highways. We want to correct this, as we don’t want to see any learner driver or experienced driver get into an accident because they were not aware of the rules.

This course will focus on highway driving. Similar to our Defensive Driving Course, drivers can expect to learn a number of techniques that they can apply to their everyday driving. A driver will inevitably use a highway to reach a destination at some point in their driving career, so why not be prepared?

This 3-hour course will include a combination of theory and practical elements. Through the guidance of our highly trained instructors and within the appropriate safety measures, the driver can achieve the following:

  1. High-speed lane changing
  2. Blindspot lane changing on high speed
  3. Overtaking heavy vehicles on high speed
  4. What to do in adverse weather conditions
  5. ABS braking
  6. How to merge on a highway

The length of these 2 courses is 3 hours and the cost of this course is $299 (including GST) and you will receive a Certificate of Completion when you finish this course.

Our Advanced Courses are also available at flexible locations for your convenience

These are just a few examples of the many courses we have on offer:

To book our Defensive Driving Course - click HERE 

To book our Highway Driving Course or other various courses - click HERE

Or feel free to contact us

Happy Driving.

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