Are all NDIS Modified vehicles utilised as new vehicles rather than old?

By Ronak

According to the state government when an NDIS participant needs access modifications to their vehicle, the vehicle should be less than 5 years old and under 80,000 km to be considered suitable for modifications. (This changed from 3 years in late 2019.)

At Onroad Driving school we comply with these legal requirements. The vehicles we provide to NDIS participants are modern in design, meet the recommended safety standards (awarded an AN-CAP rating of 5 stars) and can be equipped with the following  Modifications for OT assessments and Mobility Aids:

  • Quick-release electronic radial hand-assisted driving control - includes 5-way LIN switch
  • Fully Engineered left foot, right foot fold up accelerator pedal system
  • RF360 vehicle assessor controller which including left/right indicators, horn hi-beam and wipers/wash
  • Quick-release spin-master includes two clamps
  • FSK2005DI - Deutch Plug
  • Corded Satelite
  • TA003 quick release system
  • Spinner knob
  • Lodgesons full controls

We currently have over 44 Instructors; with the added assistance of our Specialised Driver Trainers and Vehicle Modifications it is essential for us to ensure that our clients are feeling confident, seated comfortably, relaxed, and most importantly prepared to drive safely.

Please note: If you don't feel comfortable as a driver and feel you need modifications fitted to your vehicle, it is ok to use modifications; as long as you drive 100% safe.

We are Australia’s Leading Experts in Driver Education and we are committed to making your experience as smooth and easy as possible. 

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