Slow Down, Stay Safe - Mobile Speed Cameras

Written by Rebecca Saunders

slow down, stay safe.

— By Rebecca Saunders

As motorists may already be aware from December 1st, 2020 Mobile Speed Camera Signs are no longer being posted in order to deter drivers from only choosing to comply with speed limits at camera locations and reduce speed-related road accidents.

Mobile Speed Camera signs were recently located 250 metres ahead of and 50 metres after each mobile speed camera car, giving motorists the opportunity to slow down when approaching a visible warning sign.

According to the Ministers for Transport & Roads and Regional Transport, “No warning signs mean you can be caught anywhere, anytime and they want that same culture around mobile speed cameras.”

The 45 mobile speed cameras currently in use in NSW have had the hours tripled under the new laws, from 7000 hours per month to 21,000 hours. (Warning signs for fixed speed cameras will still remain in place.)

If you’d like to check where speed cameras are currently located in NSW you can simply click on the button below and select Mobile Speed Camera.

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