Slow Down, Stay Safe - Mobile Speed Cameras

By Rebecca


— By Lovleen Kaur

As motorists may already be aware from December 1st, 2020 Mobile Speed Camera Signs were no longer being posted in order to deter drivers from only choosing to comply with speed limits at camera locations.

As of recent however, NSW govt have decided to revisit this law - stating 'NSW government to install 1000 new mobile speed camera warning signs'. This means the speed camera signs will be making a return to the streets.

According to the data collected by NSW government, it has been shown 'clearly that warning signs work to change driver behaviour', and therefore will be implemented in suburbs where speed cameras operate. 

Warnings sign to appear on roads from mid-August onwards.

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If you’d like to check where speed cameras are currently located in NSW you can simply click on the button below and select Mobile Speed Camera.

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