New immigrants - students

Written by Ronak Shah

If you intend to purchase your own car after your immigration to Australia, you will need to have a license to drive.

  •   An international drivers license is acceptable for the first few weeks of your stay, but you will need to contact the nearest state or territory transport department to be able to get your driver’s license.
  •   In Australia, drivers' licences are issued by state and territory governments. You may be required to pass a knowledge test, a practical driving test, and an eyesight test.

Please note: If you are a permanent resident visa holder and have a current driver's licence from another country, in English or with an official translation, in most states and territories you are allowed to drive for your first three months after arrival.

In Western Australia, the three month period begins when you are granted your permanent residency visa, not when you arrive in Australia.

Onroad Driving School can help you organise a practical driving test and provide you with information on how to convert your international license in Sydney, NSW. Call us or contact us for more information.

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