What Safety Measures Pedestrian'S Needs To Consider

By Ronak

Pedestrian safety is an important factor to consider when you have to file personal injury claims after an accident. It is the responsibility of a Pedestrian to look out for other vehicles and he has to take care of his own safety. However a pedestrian is careful, he may get involved in accidents while cross walking, while taking right turns or while confronting high speed traffic.

When you consider pedestrian safety, by law it is both the responsibility of the driver and the pedestrian to avoid an accident. If you analyze most of the accidents, it is the fault of the driver. If you have learnt driving from a reputed driving school, they will teach you at length about pedestrian safety.

Here are some tips taken from the driving lesson from Sydney’s best and award winning onroad driving school .

A motorist or a driver must be extremely patient when the pedestrians are crossing road. The elderly persons might need some extra time and you should respect that.

Never ever cross a signal light. This is nothing but inviting an accident.

Always anticipate pedestrians or other vehicles while you are in a turn. More than 50% of the accidents occur in a turn. 

Just like the driver, the pedestrian is also equally responsible for his safety on road. Here are some tips for the pedestrians from an experienced driving instructor who works in Sutherland, Parramatta, Sydney City and all other Sydney Suburbs.

When you are crossing, always make sure that you are visible to the driver. If possible always make an eye contact with the driver before you cross.

Always cross roads on the pedestrians green signal. Make sure you start walking at the beginning of the signal. Never cross the road in a red signal, even if there are no vehicles on the road.

You should take extra care at intersections and at turns. If possible never cross the road where there is a turn.

Always wear well-coloured or bright garments when you are crossing roads in dust, snow or in the night.

You are now aware that you can easily avoid an accident by taking some extra caution and being alert on the road. If you take driving lessons from a good Sydney driving school , they will teach everything about pedestrian safety, its importance and this will not only make you a good driver, it will also make you a good citizen by caring about other community members.

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