The Gift that Keeps on Giving!

By Ronak

Christmas is fast approaching and around this time of year, it can be particularly challenging for families and friends to find a practical and inexpensive gift that ticks all the boxes.

Each year thousands of consumers make a beeline for the shopping centers and online stores to purchase an ideal Christmas gift that will be suitable for everyone, but what is a suitable gift?

There is a varied list of material gift ideas that can be added to your shopping cart such as;

IPhone Pro

IPhone 12 Pro Max

The Samsung Galaxy

an Instagram/snap chat voucher

Nike/ Adidas Sports Shoes


Would you rather offer your loved ones the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and practical skills to help support them in the future?

Onroad Driving School are Australia's Leading Experts in Driving Education and provide students with the tools that are needed to be a safe and confident driver.

With this being said there is a variety of gift vouchers to choose from that will assist in ensuring safety, self-assurance, and independence behind the wheel.

Onroad has a number of affordable Driving Lesson and Advanced Course vouchers that can simply and discretely be purchased online for your flexibility and to be gifted to that special person.

What is Included in the lesson: 

These standard lessons are designed to give Learners practical experience and gain the skills required to adapt to situations on the road, learn the traffic rules associated, and prepare for the driving test.

(There are 30+ RMS certified trainers available Sydney wide.)

  • A pick-up and drop-off service is arranged from the student's location
  • No extra charge on the weekends
  • Automatic/ Manual Transmission (fitted with dual controls)
  • Female instructors (selected suburbs only)
  • Flexible timings - 7 days a week. 

The Safer Driver Course:

The Safer Driver Course aims to educate young drivers on the risks associated with the road, how to manage and avoid them, and to prepare students under 25 for future driving.

(The Modules are conducted in multiple locations throughout Sydney.)

Module one: is a 3-hour interactive theory class presented by an Onroad Instructor and the Module covers risk-related outcomes on the road.

Module two: is 2 hours of in-car Practical training conducted by the Instructor and two participants, This module is designed for the students to put the following low-risk strategies into practice: 

Following Distances, Hazard Perception, Gap Selection, and Speed Management.

(Both Modules can be scheduled on the same day.)

After completion of the course, the student will earn 20 hours in their logbook.

Onroad guarantees excellent service, professionalism, and value for money; an Onroad Gift voucher is a gift that keeps on giving.  So why not give someone special the key to safe driving this Christmas.

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