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By Ronak
Driving Safety

Double demerits can harm your celebrations

Demerit points are allotted as part of National program to avoid driving offences. It is a kind of penalty program. It is designed to encourage safe driving. Financial penalties and strong incentives are linked with this plan.

Double demerit points are allotted during public holidays. During holidays the number of people on the roads increases. Drivers are in the mood of celebrations and enjoyment and in the midst of all the excitment, they forget to maintain traffic rules, which in turn results in road accidents.

  • Do not forget double demerit points during Christmas celebrations 

The offences that result in double demerit points are:

  1. All offences related to maintaining the speed of the vehicle.
  2. Seat belt and child related offences.
  3. All offences related to motor bike and helmet rules.

Double demerit points are promoted by  billboard signs and electronic message boards.

  • Double demerit points – ensuring safety

The main purpose of implementing double demerit system is to maintain traffic rules, make citizens abide by them, and penalize repeat offenders. This is the way to keep a check on careless driving and therefore saving people’s lives. If a driver reaches up to 12 demerit points, his driving license will be cancelled but if he abides by the rules the good behavior period is implemented and points can be gained resulting in the saving of the person's license.

  • Insight of deaths in the last 5 years

A total of  300 deaths occurred in road accidents in 2014 in NSW.

2009 = 453

2010 = 405

2011 = 364

2012 = 369

2013 = 339

  • Long holidays attract more accidents

There is much more traffic on the roads during long holidays compared to normal days. In this case, drivers have to stay patient. It is noticed that an average of 4 fatal accidents occur on the road during long holidays. Because of traffic, many cases arise such as accidents due to fatigue, speeding and drinking and driving, because of the festive mood.

Seeing these statistics, double demerit points have become the saviour for the people. There has been a remarkable decrease of up to 30% in accidents and deaths.

Therefore keeping to the rules and thinking carefully about your driving actions can prevent accidents and save lives.

Christmas Holidays Double Demerit Starts from December 22, 2017 – January 1, 2018 (inclusive) so Drive Safe and Merry Christmas!!!

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