Pass your parking test

By Ronak
Passing the test

Driving is a skill, but parking is a skill too, that one learns under expert supervision in a driving school of repute. It is an important part of a driving lesson. Parking properly in Australia is extremely crucial; else you may land up getting a ticket. You can park at car parks and parking station by paying an hourly rate. This will ensure that your vehicle is parked safe.

  • Reverse Parking task: Many people are good drivers, but with parking skills as good they can become perfect. Reverse parking is an important task; it tests your skills as to how well you can manage and control the roads and your car. Reverse parking involves demonstrating to the driver that you know what you are doing. When giving a reverse parking test you need to show that you are equipped to look for potential hazards while reversing the car, so that vulnerable objects or people are not harmed. How you complete the parking task is also significant. This task is completed safely when you stop the car near the kerb and also have maintained a safe distance from the vehicle in front. Getting out of the parking space smoothly is important too. You should be able to ideally do that with minimal forward and backward movements. Remember to use the mirrors and the head checks correctly before you zoom out of the parking space
  • Three-point turn: When a safe location to reverse park the car is not found, in your driving test you may be expected to do a three-point turn. In this case you are allowed to stop the car on the left of the road before making the turn. You can to your advantage use the driveway on the right side of the road while taking your turn. It is important to correctly and effectively use the indicators during the three-point turn so that other drivers are aware of what you are doing. If you are required to stop on the left side of the road, ensure you use the left indicator. Here also positioning the car correctly is important. If you stop first, then do make sure you stop close to the left kerb. When you complete the three-point turn, make ensure you are on the correct side of the road.

Your ability to drive, control and park your car properly will give you the brownie points from your driving instructor!

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