Safe Driving Lessons Are Must For Teenagers And School Kids

By Ronak

Today’s teenagers and youngsters are looking to show off their fast cars, fashion and superiority to others. Many teenagers get influenced by friends and peer circles and try and mimic what others are doing and sometimes that can be very dangerous especially when you are driving. A small mistake can cost a life dearly. Teenagers must be taught safe driving tips and made aware that a single split second mistake may make them lose control and can cost their own or someone else’s life. Even if it is not their fault, it could even be a mechanical fault that may cause accident. Speed thrills but kills. One must drive in speed limits.

To learn driving for a teenager, both driving school and parents play very important role. At this early age, it is a huge event for them to get a driving licence.

It is an age when school kids get angry easily. They are likely to get intimidated by classmates and peers who drive  vehicles on the road and do various stunts. The kids may not know that in trying to follow them, they can lose control on their driving. And that is the first thing to be taught to a teenage driver -  that how to keep calm while driving. Seasoned driving instructors always stress on safe driving.  Teenagers  should be taught that driving is not a race and they should be more careful while driving. Once they learn to control their emotions, it will be easy for them to reach their destination safely. They need to understand that when they are driving it is their responsibility to be very careful as their parents, family and friends are always looking at them to be a good kid. A single mistake can cause danger to themselves sitting on the side and  back seat and also for others on the road. These instructions are a part of the mission taken by Sydney based Driving School - Onroad Driving School where their driving instructors are focused to impart specialized driving lessons that are designed specially for teen drivers. Our courses are to serve dual purpose a) To make sure that teenagers and school kids understand the importance of safe driving and b) To help them pass driving test.

There are also many other driving schools in Sydney specializing in coaching teens for with similar programs that help them clear driving test. While teaching a teenager the first thing a driving instructor shows them is how to start the vehicle and to shift transmission. This can be taught easily by an experienced driving instructor. Gradually as the course progresses, kids get to maneuver across in the car and learn all safe driving tips. Their actual training is all about subtle issues that occur while driving. Sydney based driving school instructors of Onroad Driving School covers a wide variety of topics which are not provided by other driving schools.

The basic things kids needs to be taught by qualified and experienced  driving instructors are:

  • the distance to be maintained from the car in front (3 Seconds Rule),
  • how to brake effectively within the available distance,
  • what all things are to be done if an accident occurs. 

Driving Schools also teach teenagers which parts of vehicle are to be adjusted before starting a ride. This includes things like the mirror adjustment, right way of tightening the seat belt, proper parking techniques, and the right use of signals.

While the kids have their responsibility to drive safely, it should be a family habit that parents repeatedly educate the inform their kids that there is more probability of anyone meeting with small or big accident rather than having cardiac arrest. The parents also have to take interest in checking whether their children are following rules while driving a vehicle. 

These behavioural  tips are most important not only during the time of  achieving the licence but they should be a part of their daily routine. The time when a teenager feels overconfident and try to do things which are dangerous with his vehicle, he puts his own and other’s life in danger. 

For residents of Pennant Hills, Westmead, Parramatta, Beverly Hills, and other Sydney Suburbs like Silverwater, Strathfield, Penrith, Cherrybrook, Baulkham Hills, Blacktown, Rockdale, Ryde, Castle Hills, etc  there is easy access to “DriveSafe” instructor of Sydney driving school where your teenager can learn lessons on safe driving. Teenage is the most suitable time to learn driving as it is very easy for them to horn a skill than a grown up person. Therefore it is necessary to instill safe driving tips at an early age for becoming better drivers in future.

 Drive Safe, Be Safe, Keep others Safe.

Onroad Driving School - Sydney’s Award Winning and leading Driving School.

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