Free driving lesson with driving school Sydney

By Ronak
Free driving lesson

Free driving lessons in Australia

The Australian government is very concerned about the safety of the citizens on the road, especially the pedestrians who are victims of fatal road accidents. To overcome this government has come up with a unique program. Here the learner drivers (learners above the age of 16 who have passed their DKT test on road rules and have got their learners license.) can register themselves for a free 60 minute lesson.

The Government funded program Keys2Drive is one such program where the learner learn to drive, giving by their own unique  way to learn away from the traditional method where the learner has to drive the way the instructor drives, think like the instructor and act like the instructor. So this is a brand new approach which makes the learners open minded to think on their own, and get to practice with specific aims

This program is offered at various driving schools like Onroad. The instructors at the driving school guide how to register for the free lessons offered. Registration is directly done on Keys2Drive website.

For online registration the learner has to fill an online application form. A few personal details with the learner’s license number is required when filling the form. After registration and signing in, the learner will receive his learners Id through text in his mobile. The learner has to look for an accredited driving instructor in his area or areas close to him. The learner The instructor also has to be informed about the time and date of the free lesson. The instructor gives a suitable time and place. The free lessons are not only for the learner, but he has to be accompanied by the parent or instructor. In case the learner is not able to keep the appointment with the instructor, he is to inform in advance of the cancellation and make a fresh appointment.

These lessons are best taken at the beginning/ early stages of the learners as it has many advantages to it.

*How a learner can use the basic and invaluable instructions provided in the lesson when he is beginning his driving.

*Learner is taught to have a safe approach towards driving.

*Life long driving skills are learnt during the initial stages which are never forgotten.

*These lessons help in building trust and confidence in self.

*Preparation of the P's without any apprehensions.

*If the lesson is taken during the later stages the instructor gives a P plate ready indicator to hit the driving supervisor to access the learner.

In Australia the learner is more at risk of being harmed than of being the cause of the crash as the learners are always driving supervised. The free driving lesson is in other words a preparation for the P license where the driver will be driving alone without any supervision. These lessons offer an opportunity for the learners to be on their own and to think rationally and independently. They are not imposed with their instructors comfort levels in driving, but have an insight of their own for driving.

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