Ensure pet's safety while travelling

Written by Ronak Shah

Everyone loves their pets. Pets are the best companion one can have. Definitely, you would wish to carry your pet, when you are on a leisure travel. So let us get details of few required points to be kept in mind, while travelling.

Inquiring is better

Yes making an inquiry before leaving your place is always better than facing any hassle later on. Make an inquiry for the policies related to carrying pets. There are some places, which do not entertain pets at all so ask before making any reservations. Even while traveling, you need to take care that your pet is insured in car insurance policy. There are certain companies offering pet injury coverage, if you face an accident, when driving, the policy will allow payment up to a certain amount as a veterinary bill.

Give them identity

Dress them up properly, when you are carrying them to travel. This means making them wear any dress or belt, which is bearing your contact number and other details.

Take along all their necessities

You need to pack their bags, just like yours. Carry their first aid kit, their feeding bowls, handy food, their medicines, towel, pet bed, favorite toys and water.

While travelling feed them before leaving

The day, you are beginning your journey, feed them a couple of hours earlier to prevent spoiling of their health. They may not handle traveling swirls with a full stomach.

Tie them properly

Don’t let them loose in the car. Buckle them up properly so that they can never take out their heads from the window. There are pet’s crate and harness available in the market.

Take better care

When you are traveling, you need to take extra care of your pets, just like kids. They are equally tender like kids and can’t handle heat. Don’t leave them alone in the car. They are very much susceptible to heat. It is not necessary to be hot climate, but general heat while traveling can affect them. So always keep your eyes on them. Stealing of pets is also prominent so take that angle into consideration while traveling.

Stop the car

Whenever you see any changes in behaviour of your pet, it is better to stop the car and examine it. Always keep contact details of veterinary doctor on the way as well as the destination as you may not be able to find network to search last minute. Travelling along with your best companion, your pet is very exhilarating, but you have to be very careful while travelling with them, especially, when you are driving by self. Just consider small kids and pets as same.

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