Take a look at the Different Roof Signs: Helping you Drive Smarter

By Ronak
Roof signs

While driving, it is important to apply the skills taught to you by your driving instructor. After all, safe and smart driving makes your journey as a new driving instructor more beautiful. To help you achieve that we at Australia leading Driving School – Onroad Driving School are glad to present you with a few attractive driving solutions’. Which you will need when starting as a new driving instructor. Call us if you want to join us as a Driving Instructor.

Magnetic Roof sign Magnetic roof signs are easy to install they are stick and remove products. These are great for car rooftop; 24 hour advertising for any business like pizza takeaways and general business promotions to name a few. All details required can be printed in colours of your choice. So you see, these have several advantages!

Here are some magnetic roof sign options:

LED magnetic roof sign

These are made from a high quality, UV stabilised material, which is guaranteed to retain its white colour for long. This 780 mm wide product fits most cars. It is a 100% scratch-proof product and its five magnets have a protective rubber base. This product made in England. 

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Magnetic L Roof Sign 1,2 and 3

The magnets on this sign have a protective rubber base. This high quality UV stabilised product is made in England. This is a 100% scratch proof product.

  • Super strong base magnets with protective rubbers, which keep your car roof scratch free. 
  • Vibration-proof design and securely bolted for better protection during high speed 
  • Ideal for all kinds of cars 
  • One of the best selling roof signs in Australia 
  • ***THE PRICE IS FOR A BLANK SIGN ONLY! If you wish to have your sign printed, add "Design and printing" to your order.
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Customised roof sign

Custom-made to suit your business with LED strip lights up the border of your sign. We offer Australia-wide delivery 

  • Easy to take on and off your roof 
  • The price INCLUDES Design and printing on the sign

 Materials used:  

  • Main 3mm plate made of clear polycarbonate 
  • Attached to a clear polycarbonate mounting bracket 
  • Mounting bracket is attached to magnetic discs (125mm x 20mm)
  • The main body of the sign is made of 20mm Opal Acrylic  
  • LED stripping is placed on the main body 
  • Outer skin made of 3mm Opal Acrylic  
  • Design is printed onto the outer skin
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box led sign

  • Large 4-sided magnetic roof sign First of its kind for box LED signs 
  • Suited to every car Most effective advertising method during both the day and night-time 
  • Super strong magnets at the base with a rubber protection to ensure the roof of your car is not scratched 
  • This sign is best for Night Delivery Vehicles (Pizza, Driving School, Food Delivery Companies etc) 
  • Cigarette lighter cable is included It has a white cool lighting which really stands out Generally LED bulbs last for 50,000 hrs 
  • ***THE PRICE IS FOR A BLANK SIGN ONLY! If you wish to have your sign printed, add "Design and printing" to your order.
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Taxi sign

This is made in England is made from high quality, UV Stabilised material, is also guaranteed to stay white. The magnets on this sign have a protective base.

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passenger rear view mirror

  • High quality suction mirror 
  • Easy to stick and remove 
  • Great mirror if you have children in the back seat 
  • Good for learner drivers and their supervisor 
  • Helpful in preventing accidents while driving and reversing 
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Blind spot mirrors

The small mirror with 360 degree mirror rotation fits different driving positions. and its convex wide angle eliminates blind spots, whereas the big one rotates 360 degree, fits different driving positions and its convex wide angle eliminates blind spots. Mirror Reflector gives you a wide angle view resulting in safer driving.

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Clip on plates

  • Comes in 'L' and 'P' Plate 
  • Suitable for all Australian States
  • Easy Installation 
  • No damage to vehicle paint
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These products from Onroad Driving Education are guaranteed to ensure you a hassle free, safe and peaceful driving!

*Prices may change so please check the latest prices here

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