Make your driving close to perfection in an imperfect world

By Ronak
Driving Safety

Driving has its own challenges. In our order to achieve the goal called safe driving everyone on the road have to observe certain techniques, rules and regulations. Since we cannot speak or act for all, the best thing to do is make our part perfect in every way. 

Some of the guidelines to ensure safety while driving are to minimize distractions of all sorts. Why not set your cell phones and radio prior to driving so that we do not have to fiddle with them in the midst of driving? Vehicles with voice activated technology takes care of above mentioned factors, but if your vehicle does not have the option, it is up to you to ensure right steps are taken before you set the wheels rolling. Texting, reading map, playing with Ipod, putting make up etc are some of the other common distractions while driving. 

It is vital to maintain distance between your own vehicle and the one in front of you. It is calculated that there should be a gap of 3 seconds between cars. If you are travelling at 60 km/h speeds, safe following distance is around 50 meters. Lot of people is measuring on telegraphic poles or car length but in reality, car length might be different for different types of vehicles. So having 3 seconds Crash Avoidance Space is the best measure for safety gap. The distance is necessary to stop the vehicle abruptly in case of emergency. 
Ensure you observe a good attitude when you are behind the wheels. There is no need to wage war with aggressive drivers. If a vehicle stays too close to you for comfort, let the vehicle pass. If someone break the rule and cut you off, let the law deal with it. There is no need for you to take the problem in to hands. Road rage will land you in trouble and in accidents. So stay out of trouble. 

The road conditions can provide unforeseen obstacles to driving. So be informed about road conditions. Modern technology makes it easy to get information on the conditions that lie ahead. Driving in fog, sleet, rain, snow etc may call for slowing down. If you are heading for something really urgent and if it is impossible to arrive at your destination late, the only solution is to start early. 

Ensure your vehicle is in good condition. Vehicles should be well maintained so that they function well on the road. Take the dates fixed for the maintenance program seriously. Check your tires, lights, break and hoses regularly and maintain a record to know the time for the next check up for your vehicle. 

If you take the above tips seriously and follow those, chances of collision and other troubles can be avoided significantly.

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