Easter Driving Tips - Double Demerits Apply - Drive Safe!

By Maddison

Easter is a Christian festival and a cultural celebration of the resurrection of Jesus from the tomb on the third day after his crucifixion. Many people all across the world celebrate this holiday by giving and receiving chocolate Easter eggs. The cultural holiday is celebrated across 4 days (Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday) this year it is being celebrated on 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th of April.

During this period of time the roads become very busy due to many people travelling away or to visit family during the long weekend, road users need to be aware of their surroundings at all times - this means: 

  • No speeding 
  • Stay off your mobile phone
  • Have your seatbelt on at all times
  • Don't drink and drive

We advise motorists that double demerits are in place in NSW and the ACT for 5 days over the Easter long weekend from Thursday, 6 April until Monday, 10 April inclusive. 

The demerit point system is a national program that encourages safe and responsible driving, demerit points are penalty points that you receive along with fines if you commit certain offences. All drivers and riders start with zero demerit points but if you are found to be committing an offence whilst driving or riding you may have demerit points added to your record, If you reach your demerit point limit, your licence can be suspended for a duration of time depending on the severity of the offence you commit and if you have a history of diving offences this may also impact the length of suspension.

Double demerits point periods are generally ran during public holidays and apply for multiple offences some examples are: speeding, illegal use of mobile phones, not wearing a seat belt and riding without a motorcycle helmet. Please be aware that Mobile Phone Detection Cameras are active in NSW and the ACT and drivers caught using their phones during a double demerit period will be hit with a $352 fine and 10 demerits. 

  • Focus on the road
  • Slow down in speed restricted areas
  • Have a plan B if you are drinking 
  • Think before you act
  • Remain calm at all times
  • Drive responsibly
  • Obey the road rules

Road Safety is a shared responsibility of all road users e.g drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists but by following the above steps, you can help make the roads a safer place and minimise the risks of accidents occurring this Easter!

The Onroad Driving Education family hope you enjoy your Easter Break and stay safe on the roads if travelling!!

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