Tips to avoid distractions while driving

By Ronak
Driving Safety

Distractions while driving may cause many potential dangers. Defensive and cautious driving habits will help to avoid accidents. You must follow certain tips for avoiding distractions while driving. Basic and advanced driving lesson will help to avoid distractions while driving. Turn your mobile phone silent or off while driving. It is very much dangerous to use mobile phones while driving. From 1st November 2012, Road Authority in NSW has made mandatory to not use mobile phones while driving and attract 3 demerit points and fines for being caught. Researchers found that while talking through the phone, your visual cortex will process the imaginary facts about the individual you are talking with. So your visual cortex will not be able to process the information from the road.

Avoid eating, drinking and smoking while driving. Nowadays people are leading a busy life and so they will not have time to enjoy meal at home. Meals on road may cause distractions while driving. When you are travelling with your family, the activities of kids often cause distractions. You need to set up your kids with toys before you set off. But providing plenty of toys will create more distractions. It is not good to provide toys like balls because they may roll under the pedals.

Driving School in Strathfield, Westmead, Blacktown, Penrith or any other Sydney Suburbs can provide you more information about Distraction Driving. Sydney driving instructors provide information regarding the driving safety tips. Our brain is not able to perform multi task. Using electronic devices while driving will distract your attention. Driving is a process that requires much focused attention. You should avoid adjusting GPS, CDs or iPod while driving. You should avoid reading magazine or newspaper in traffic. While reading, you may not be aware about the traffic signals. Ladies often have a tendency to put on makeup during driving. It is not good to do makeup in rush hour traffic.

It is better to plan your route before going somewhere. You may have a tendency to read a map or analyze GPS system if you are driving without knowing the actual route. This will distract your attention from driving. You also have to ensure the safety of your co-travelers. You have to engage child locks and this will help you to peacefully concentrate on your driving. Smoking will distract you from your peripheral vision. Then, you will not able to see things around you. The tapping of ashes will also divert your focus on driving. Distracted driving could cause more crashes in Australia than drunk driving. Driving instructor in Sydney will help you to learn about the proper procedures in driving. The best driving lessons in Sydney will improve driving skills and reaction times.

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