Changing A Flat Tyre Safely

By Ronak

On Sunday, May 21st a woman was killed while changing a flat tyre on the Warringah Freeway at Crow’s Nest. This fatal incident occurred at 12.30am when a minibus ploughed into her. According to the Officers from the Crash Investigation unit, ‘the minibus rounded the corner and collided with the motorist parked car – also striking the woman in the carnage.’

With this accident taking place, we want to ensure that all drivers know what to if they are presented with a similar situation.

Firstly, if you experience any signs that indicate you have a flat tyre, firmly grip your steering wheel and put your hazard warning lights on. Allow the car to slow down on it’s own steadily. What we mean by on it’s own is – don’t bang on the breaks. Your immediate reaction will be telling you to push hard on the breaks, however it is not advised.

Move your vehicle out of traffic and off the freeway. You are still able to drive on a flat tyre ensuring the movement of the car is minimal. Locating your car to safer grounds is highly recommended to avoid an accident involving other drivers and yourself getting seriously injured. Please use your indicators to warn other drivers on the freeway which direction you are moving the car. Do this with caution.

If you haven’t already, put your hazard warning lights on. This will signal to other drivers that you are experiencing difficulties with your vehicle and you are pulled over to the side of the freeway. This is particularly important if it is night time, to be more visible to the other drivers. If you know how to change your tyre and don’t require assistance, proceed with this. We want to emphasize please do this away from the traffic.

Contact your roadside assistance company (i.e. NRMA, Ultra-tune) or a family member if you would prefer to get help on changing your flat tyre. If this will also help you remain calm and be a more comfortable option, we recommend you do that. While you wait for help to arrive, please stay in your car. This will be safer for you and the other drivers. If you have handy a scarf or a piece of material, hang it outside of your window so you can be identified by your roadside assistance company or family member. To gain some further knowledge on how to drive on a highway, you can book our special Highway Course .

We hope these tips assist you if you find yourself needing to change a flat tyre on a freeway or regular road.

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