Catch Up With Your Friends Driving School Offers Lessons In Bondi

By Ronak

Why onroad driving school?

Our Driving School Provide Some Unique Features For Our Learners
Gift Voucher

We have a wide range of packages available for your flexibility. Easily pay online and let us take care of the rest!

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Safer drivers course

Want an extra 20 hours in your logbook? Join us at Onroad Driving School to book your safer drivers course now.

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Go From A to Z...

Drive today with Australia’s most trusted and professional driving school. Taking you from A to Z, safely.

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Free Driving Lesson

Claim your free driving lesson now! Through the keys2drive program all learner drivers are entitled to a 1 hour free lesson.

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Prices & Packages

Want value for money lesson packages? We have four separate package deals that are perfect as a gift or for yourself.

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First go guarantee

If you don’t pass on your first go, have a free driving lesson; on us!

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Are all your friends and classmates driving already? Maybe none of your best mates are driving yet, and you want to be the first. Do you wish you had a way to go out on the weekends? Onroad Driving School can help.

We offer driving programs all around the Sydney area. We come to you and pick you up for your driving lesson in Bondi. We’ll do a quick 10 to 15-minute assessment designed to tell us what your skills are and areas where you need improvement, and then we structure the lesson to fit your needs. We utilise a unique 20-point analysis that gives us an understanding of what the lesson focus should be. Once the lesson is complete, we'll drop you off at home again. While you are waiting for your instructor, you can even check out our mini driving lessons online.

Safer Drivers Course offered by Driving School in Bondi

We have accredited instructors who provide the Safer Drivers Course in addition to driving lessons in Bondi. The Safer Drivers Course is for drivers under the age of 25 who have completed 50 hours of driving in their logbook, not including professional driving lessons. The course consists of two modules, and students must take Module 1 and two within a four-week period of each other.

Module One is a three-hour workshop in an adult classroom setting that will help students identify and manage risks they might encounter while driving. We'll give you low-risk driving strategies that will help you be a more thoughtful and attentive driver. It’s led by an experienced facilitator with no more than 12 students. This module will prepare you for unsupervised driving and give you safe driving skills for life. You can even make a booking near Bondi online.

Module Two is conducted in the car with two participants and puts the skills learned in module 1 into use on the road. You'll have hands-on practice with speed management, safe following distances, and hazard perception. This is where you'll put the knowledge learned in lessons from Module 1 into practical use.

Get a Free Driving Lesson in Bondi

We are an award-winning driving school in Bondi providing lessons across Sydney. We offer a free session for all learner drivers through the Keys2drive program. These lessons count 3 to 1 for your logbook hours and is designed to help you pass the driving test and prepare you for solo driving.

Onroad Driving school is a Bondi driving school accredited by RMS with a proven track record of teaching learner drivers how to be safe, low-risk drivers. Our instructors are all RMS accredited, and then undergo further training, to meet Onroad Driving School's stringent standards. Our goal is to keep you safe. We are a driving school that cares about the safety of all drivers on the road and strive to create a safer driving community. We make learning to drive in Bondi a pleasure for you and want it to be an unforgettable experience. Call today to get started on the road toward being a safe, competent, and confident driver.

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