Double Demerits over the Christmas Period

Written by Rebecca Saunders

Christmas is around the corner and it's best to prepare yourself for the traffic congestion that follows.
Double Demerits begin on Friday 20/12/2019 and run through to New Years Day on 01/01/2020.
Demerits apply for speeding, seatbelt, helmet, motorbike and mobile phone related offences.

The Demerit Point system is beneficial to improve driving behaviour, obey the road rules and comply with NSW traffic laws. Drivers caught with a mobile phone during a double demerit point period can expect a fine and loss of 10 demerit points. School Zones will still apply up to 20/12/2019 and will fall within the double demerit period. Certain driving and parking offences attract an additional demerit point if committed in a school zone. The Demerit's for these offences will be doubled on 20/12/2019.

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Safer Drivers Course Website integration with Onroad Website

Written by Matty Weibel

Safer Drivers Course Website integration with Onroad Website


Onroad Driving School is a provider of the NSW Safer Drivers Course and its website ( has recently been integrated with the main Onroad website ( and therefore no longer exists. However, there are several benefits as a result of this integration:

  • The website integration allows us to better manage the allocation of course participants as well as scheduling course facilitators and course venues. 
  • Everything is one place: Whether you have booked a standard driving lesson, a test car package or a Safer Drivers Course, every booking is now in one place and shows up under the your history. Simply log into your account to view every booking you have made on the Onroad website 
  • Module 2 allocation: Following Module 1, which is the theory part the course, the new website integration allows the office to easily book in and allocate participants for Module 2, which is the 2 hour practical aspect of the Safer Drivers Course. If you book early enough you will most likely be able to complete Module 2 straight after Module 1 on the same day
  • Hassle free booking process to save your spot for the Safer Drivers Course at one of our locations in Sydney 

Overall, the website integration has been proven to be a good thing as clients can now easily process and manage their bookings for either driving lessons or the Safer Drivers Course in one place.

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Learn and Earn

Written by Rebecca Saunders

Onroad Driving School is an accredited RMS provider of the Safer Drivers Course.

Our Safer Driver Course aims to educate young drivers of the risks associated on the road, how to manage and avoid them and to prepare students under 25 for future driving.

The course locations are as follows: Blacktown, Bondi, Brookvale, Burwood, Camden, Campbelltown, Castle Hill, Chatswood,, Greystanes, Hornsby, Hurstville.
(Just to name a few; the Modules are conducted in multiple locations through out Sydney.)

The course is 5 hours in length and the cost is $140.

Module one: is a 3 hour interactive theory class assisted by one of our Instructors and the Module covers the following risk related outcomes; such as why students are about to enter risk factors on the road, how to identify those risks and manage them accordingly.

Module two: is 2 hours of Practical training conducted by an RMS accredited instructor and two students will be participating so they can identify each others faults and determine what they can do to improve their driving themselves. This module is designed for the students to put the following low risk strategies into practice: 
Following Distances,Hazard Perception, Gap Selection and Speed Management.
(Both Modules can be scheduled on the same day.)

Not only will you earn 20 hours in your log book after the course completion but you will gain further confidence and knowledge on the road.

Special Offer:
If you book with a friend you will be guaranteed a FREE movie ticket each.(after this offer ends we are looking to provide FREE Pizza in some of our venues as well.)

So don't delay, book with Onroad and benefit from our Safer Driver Course today.

Happy Driving!

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Happy Drivers and here is our proof!

Written by Rebecca Saunders


Onroad Driving School is rated the Top Driving School in the "best rated Driving Schools in Sydney" website and we are thrilled to share this news. If you haven’t booked with us already; We have been chosen for the top position as we have a number of RMS certified and professional instructors through out Sydney who can provide lessons in both our Manual and Automatic transmission cars,7 days a week. whether you are a new or less experienced Driver our Instructors can assist you with with any driving capabilities, as well as teach you the road rules associated, gain further confidence on the road and if need be help you prepare for your test.

We also offer attractive packages: 

We offer a 1 hour government accredited Keys 2 Drive lesson which is free of charge.( You can register on the website and follow the prompts before making your booking)

Our lessons are $65 an hour and our introductory online rate is discounted to $55 
$300 we offer 5 lessons ($60 dollars a lesson)
$580 we offer 10 lessons ($58 dollars a lesson and an equivalent of 30 hours in your log book)
$1100 we offer 20 lessons ($55 dollars a lesson) and if you gain 50 log book hours you can qualify for our Safer Driver Course and gain a further 20 hours in your log book if you complete both modules. 

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Are you too cool for Driving School?

Written by Rebecca Saunders

Do you tell yourself you can’t or you won't drive?
Are you unsure what to expect behind the wheel? or do you need to brush up on your training before your driving test?

At OnRoad Driving School we know that It can be overwhelming for new or less experienced drivers to navigate the roads in Sydney; especially during wet weather, peak periods or low visibility conditions. That's why our friendly Onroad team are here to assist in helping you move forward. ????

Driver Training:

We have over 40 certified instructors within the Sydney suburbs that are professionally trained and will ensure that you gain the skills and confidence needed to stay calm, adapt to situations on the road and learn the traffic rules associated. 

Our team of dedicated Instructors offer lessons 7 days a week and can provide the training in both our Automatic and Manual Transmission cars.

Packages and Pricing:

We offer a 1 hour government accredited Keys 2 Drive lesson which is free of charge.( You can register on the website and follow the prompts before making your booking)

Our lessons are $65 per hour and in your first lesson you receive a $10 discount.

You may also take advantage of Our Onroad lesson packages:

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A Rule is Changing for Everyone's Safety

Written by Michelle Lowden


From 26 September 2019 motorists will no longer need to slow down to 40km/h on roads with speed limits of 90km/h or MORE when passing stationary emergency vehicles with flashing lights.

The trial of a rule that required motorists to slow down to 40km/h when passing stationary emergency vehicles with flashing blue or red lights has been completed and changes will be made to the road rule as a result of a review of the 12 month trial, which included community feedback.

This rule is being changed to:

  • improve the safety of emergency services personnel, tow truck operators and breakdown assistance providers working on the road, as well as the people they are helping.
  • make it safer on higher speed roads where the time and distance required to reduce speed to 40km/h is the greatest. 


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Have you heard about the bstreetsmart annual event?

Written by Michelle Lowden

bstreetsmart NSW, an initiative of the Trauma Service at Westmead Hospital, is an event held at the Qudos Bank Arena, which inspires thousands of high school students annually. This will be the 15th year that bstreetsmart has been able to impact young and future drivers of NSW. 

Westmead's Trauma Service is strongly committed to road safety education, as they are continuously reminded that people aged 15-30 are disproportionately represented in road trauma. 

bstreetsmart exists to reduce the fatality and injury rates of young people, through promoting safe driving behaviour to drivers, riders and passengers.

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Digital Log Book - Benefits for Learner Drivers

Digital Log Books?

 Service NSW Roads and Maritime Service now allow the learner drivers, less than 25 years of age, to use digital log books to record their driving experience and submit their log book straight from the app, instead of paper log book.

 Are you confused about whether to use paper log book or digital log book?

 Here are the pros and cons for your consideration.

 Problems with the paper log book

There are many issues with the paper Log Books, some of which have prevented driving tests from going ahead.

  • It’s easy to make mistakes when entering the details.
  • Entries need to be entered in a certain format otherwise you risk rejection on the day of your driving test.
  • Cumbersome calculations are involved.
  • A quick check on learner progress is not possible.
  • It’s not easy to share with supervisors in building skills of the learner.
  • The book can get lost or damaged resulting in loss of experience records.
  • It’s inconvenient to carry (for instance, remembering to take it to school in readiness for an after school drive).
  • A forgotten or misplaced Log Book may result in unrecorded driving experiences.

 Benefits of the Licence Ready digital log book

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Written by Ronak Shah

BROOKVALE SAFER DRIVERS COURSE is held at Warringah Mall Library in Brookvale with facilitator Paul Hawkins. BOOK NOW at and click on BROOKVALE to reserve your place. GAIN 20 HOURS IN YOUR LOGBOOK when you attend this 5 hour course. 

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Written by Ronak Shah

The KOGARAH SAFER DRIVERS COURSE is held at Kingsgrove and Bexley North Community Centre in Bexley North with course facilitator Martin Reefman. The Safer Drivers Course will teach you skills to become a safe and skilled driver, while also providing you with 20 LOGBOOK HOURS when you complete the course! BOOK NOW by going to and clicking KOGARAH to secure your spot. 

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