Can I use a mobile phone while driving?

By Matty
Driving Safety

Have you been using your phone behind the steering wheel? Well you might want to be careful as heavy fines and loss of demerit points apply. Especially since the implementation of mobile phone detection cameras all across Sydney, the police force is cracking down on motorists using their mobile devices while driving.

However, there is a bit of confusion about the actual rules, particularly for learner drivers and P platers. Hopefully the next few paragraphs will clarify a thing or two.

According to Transport for NSW these are the official rules when it comes to using a mobile device while driving. 

Unrestricted licence holders are allowed to use their mobile phones to make or receive audio phone calls if the device is secured in a cradle fixed to the vehicle or if it can be operated without touching it - e.g. voice assistant, bluetooth. The same rule applies to the use of music or audio functions. To use any form of drivers aid (GPS, speed advisor app etc.) the phone also needs to be secured in a cradle. Only use the phone to access digital drivers licence if a police officer has instructed to do so.

To use all other functions the car has to be stationary and OFF the road.

Unless the vehicle is parked, the use of texting, video calling, social media or photography is strictly NOT permitted.

Learner drivers and P platers on the other hand are NOT allowed to use a mobile device at all even if it is secured in a cradle fixed to the vehicle. Our advice is to have it stowed away out of sight while the car is on the road.

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