Child safety while driving in Sydney School Zone

By Ronak
Pedestrian safety

Driving can really be a liberating and enjoyable experience if you follow the basic rules and regulations. And undoubtedly the most crucial lesson that you learn in your driving school in almost all your driving lessons is ‘safety’. And when it comes to children’s safety you must be even more cautious and responsible. According to a report released by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, about 22,000 people are seriously injured in road crashes in Australia each year, a large section of them being children. Understanding the undeniable importance of safety, Parramatta NSW 2150 Driving Schools emphasise this aspect in their driving lessons. The major focus of their professional driving instructors, besides helping students successfully obtain licences, is always on safety. Negligence has often been cited as the most common cause of car accidents, since speed limits get crossed too in the bargain.

According to NSW Road and Traffic Authority, speeding is the cause for about 40% of road deaths. In addition to those killed, more than 4200 people are injured in speed-related crashes each year. Indeed, speed has become the biggest road safety challenge for the RTA as speeding increases the risk of a crash and the severity of the crash outcome. Sensitive areas like school zones are variable speed zones where a speed limit of 40 km/h, developed by RTA needs to be followed, especially during specific school timings when pupils are expected to be present around.

Triangular road markings or ‘Dragon’s Teeth’ have also been set up at the entry points to all 10,000 school zones across NSW to improve road safety for students. Be careful not to double park in these areas as children, especially the little ones, may not be aware of the perils of crossing the road. They are fragile and injuries are likely to be more severe because of their small size. As adults, we are responsible for young children’s safety around traffic whether they are pedestrians, passengers, or playing. Motorists should be warned that there will be tough penalties to those who break the speed rules leading to fines and license demerit points. So drive safe and within speed limits. As a driver you are a crucial individual responsible for not only the safety of the people you drive but also of the people on the streets. Use all your driving lessons acquired from your driving school instructor to the maximum and prevent accidents.

Remember: Speed Kills!

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