Driving Lessons - Night Time

By Ronak

Winter is coming!

And so are longer night times. People often raise the question, what is considered night hours? 
Night hours are considered the period between dusk and dawn I.e sunset to sunrise. Driving may be difficult as it is dark and visibility is limited, but it is not impossible.

During Winter, nights are not only longer, but it also might rain more often, which means roads are wet, traffic is slow and drivers can easily get stressed. The combination of wet roads and darkness can be dangerous as road markings tend to disappear and traffic lights reflect on the wet surface. Therefore it is crucial to be very careful and attentive when driving at night, especially when it is raining.

Here at Onroad Driving School we take night lessons very seriously as your safety is our number one priority. Because we offer driving lessons during night hours, our experienced instructors will ensure that every learner is provided with safe and correct instructions on how to drive when it's dark. We also make sure that you know how to use headlights, full beam and fog lights correctly while on the road.

Onroad Driving School operates 7 days a week, with an extensive range of night hours available. Simply click our BOOK NOW button and secure your night hour session with one of our friendly and professional driving instructors now.

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