Interlock Device Program

By Maddison

An interlock device for drink driving is a small device that is installed in a vehicle's dashboard. The device requires the driver to blow into a breathalyser before starting the vehicle, intermittently throughout a drive and if you stop the vehicle without turning it off for a certain duration. If the driver's blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is above a certain level, the device will prevent the vehicle from starting. The alcohol Interlock Program was implemented to reduce drink drivers from re-offending.

Interlock devices for drink driving work by using a breathalyser to measure the driver's BAC. The device is normally set to require the driver to blow into the breathalyser before starting the vehicle, and periodically while driving. In addition, the device may record data about the driver's BAC and driving patterns, which can be used to monitor compliance with court-ordered requirements.  Some devices will have a camera set up in the vehicle to ensure it is the driver who is blowing into breathalyser not the passenger.

Interlock devices for drink driving are installed by professional installers who are certified by the device manufacturer. The court will provide a list of approved installers who can install the device. Some of the most popular manufacturers of interlock devices for drink driving include Smart Start, Draeger, and Guardian Interlock Systems. When selecting an interlock device for drink driving, it's important to consider the specific requirements of your court order and the features of the device. Some devices may have advanced features such as GPS tracking, camera monitoring, and remote monitoring, which may be required for certain court orders or programs. Interlock devices for drink driving are an important safety mechanism that can help prevent alcohol-related accidents and ensure compliance with court-ordered requirements. 

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