Does the 3 second rule apply at a Stop Sign?

By Rebecca


Recent reports have suggested that there is some confusion with drivers in Australia who make the decision to stop at a stop sign for 3 seconds and then proceed. Despite common belief, there is no 3 second rule however it takes up to 3 seconds to bring your vehicle to a complete stop. When stopping at a stop sign or stop line you need to come to a complete halt at or before the stop line or an intersection if there is no stop line. Look both ways and then give way to vehicles and/pedestrians once it is safe to proceed.

‘STOP signs and ‘STOP' lines - When you come to a stop sign you must stop before reaching thestop line or intersection, and as close as possible to the line or intersection. A stop sign or a stop line means you must give way to all vehicles travelling in, entering or approaching the intersection, regardless of the direction. You must also give way to any pedestrians crossing the road in which you are turning and you must remain stationary until it is safe for the driver to proceed.

The chances are if you risk driving past the white line or into the intersection without stopping first, you will be committing an offence, which can attract a fine of $298 and 3 demerits points, or $457 and 4 demerit points in a school zone.

Please take a look at our video demonstration on Stop/Giveway signs and more at our Youtube Channel

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