Things to take care before your driving test

By Ronak
Passing the test

RMS driving road rules is going to be the parameter in driving rules and regulations in future. If you are about to take a driving test there are things to take care in order to pass the test successfully. Driving lessons from a capable driving instructor will help you to pass your driving test.

There are many things examiners look for in a candidate who has come for a driving test. Eyesight test is the primary test you need to get through to get your Learner driver licence. The candidates can use their contact lenses or glasses if they need them. Be careful to wear your contact lenses or glasses till the end of the test if you wear it to read the number plate. RMS Testing officer will be checking your car’s tyres depth, Break lights and Indicator lights. If anything is unsatisfactory, they have a right to cancel your driving test. Please ensure that car is in roadworthy condition and for any questions, please contact RMS or our office via email/ phone.

Before you start the engine of your vehicle ensure that the doors are properly closed, seat as well as head restraints are in right position. Adjust your mirror and fasten seatbelt before you start the engine. Hand brakes should be on and gear should in neutral/park (park in auto transmission car) position.

Knowing and applying the controls timely and appropriately will impress the examiner. The controls should be applied in a smooth and correct manner. A learner should have a thorough knowledge of all the main controls. If you do not balance the clutch and accelerator to move the vehicle evenly, without doubt your car will stall, which will be minus mark to you. Ensure you select and apply appropriate gear at the right time and apply brakes in a gentle way. Hand brakes sometimes land a candidate in trouble. Be sure to know the use of hand brakes in a proper way. Having steering control, knowledge of minor controls like indicators, demisters, lights, windscreen wipers etc and knowing the significance of displays like speedometer and warning lights on the instrument panel is highly important.

Moving away from behind a vehicle's back, moving off on a level road, observing the blind spot, applying the brakes smoothly and promptly during emergency without causing harm to other road users are important in a driving test. A learner driver who has attended good driving schools like Sydney driving school and Parramatta driving school will be well versed with traffic signs like Stop sign, give way sign etc, which are important when you take a test.

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