Night Driving and the Risk Factors

By Ronak

When you are driving of a night it is important to be aware that there are risk factors that need to be considered as it is different to driving during daylight hours. Please take extra care in low visibility; if your car is not fitted with the auto lock function which enables your car to lock after the speed reaches 20km per hour, please ensure you lock all doors when driving as recently there have been a number of reports in Australia with handbag theft; especially on the passenger side after the vehicle is stationary at a set of traffic lights.  It is also necessary to stop your vehicle or park in clearly visible areas to ensure that you are in plain sight if you need to seek help and also be sure to turn on your hazard lights in dark areas.

You should have a clear map of the route, you are going to take at night, your head lights should be set at a low beam setting and Reflectors are set on the roads for your assistance.

When increasing speed at night be cautious as it is proven that our eyes can trick us in low visibility.
As per the scientific study, our eyes have night vision cells. These cells take our regular day light receptor cells at night hours. These cells identify things in slow motion. So the vision at night can be deceptive, especially in terms of speed. 

A driver has to think about many aspects while driving. Avoiding speed is the best practice to avoid any kind of accidents.
If you are bound to drive at high speed, then take care of timings and keep your body fit to drive. Never overestimate yourself.

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