All you need to know about the Safer Driver Course

By Ronak
Safer Driver Course

The Safer Drivers Course has been designed for learner drivers under 25 who want to enhance their skill, knowledge, and safety awareness.

Originally introduced by the NSW Government in 2013, the aim of this course is to better equip learner drivers and give them a stronger foundation before they begin to drive a vehicle with no supervision.



There are three prerequisites that one must have before booking. Firstly, being under 25 years of age, holding a NSW learners license, and having completed 50 logbook hours that don’t include the instructor bonus ones.


In order to make this educational course efficient and enjoyable, it is split into two modules completed over one or two days within one month.


Module 1 – Theory

The first module is held in a classroom over the duration of three hours and is designed to be interactive and educational. The factors that are focused on in this module include:

Helping learners gain an understanding and context before they get to outwork it in a vehicle. Participants will discuss factors and risks, troubleshoot, and strategize low risk tactics.


Module 2 – Practical

The second module is a two-hour in-vehicle coaching session. The focus and goal of this module is for the learner driver to gain practical skills in:

  • Crash avoidance and appropriate following distance
  • Gap selection
  • Hazard perception
  • Advanced driving techniques
  • Speed management



Onroad Driving School has manual and automatic RMS accredited instructors in most suburbs, so just call the office to check.



The cost is just $140 per learner for the two modules.

Payment must be made a couple of workdays prior to the course day.

Refunds for cancellation made less than two business days in advance, or non-attendance are not available.


Final outcome:

This course allows the drivers to become aware of their thinking, behaviour, and risk perception. Building from this self-awareness is the management of their speed, improvement of split-second decision making, avoiding hazards, keeping a safe following distance, and ultimately crash avoidance.


Other benefits include a total of 20 hours that can be easily added to a NSW learners logbook by completing both modules. So not only do you gain these logbook hours, but also the experience and knowledge gained are priceless.


Onroad Driving School is RMS approved to run the Safer Drivers Course in NSW. We assure you that the quality and standards upheld by our qualified instructors are outstanding and worth your time, money, and experience.


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