Most Distracted Habits While Driving

By Ronak

Some of the economists call “distracted driving” as” the new drunk driving”. Distraction inside and outside the vehicles is very common. For professionals, vehicle works as an office where they can check the business mails and update other business activities, whereas for young generation, vehicle acts as a social media platform, where teens sit comfortably and chat with friends while driving.

Estimates have proved that almost 15 to 20 people die every day and approximately 1200 people get injured because of distracted driving. So it’s time to slow down and safe your drive by understanding the most common distracted habits while driving.

  • Eating and drinking

Eating and drinking while driving is a common habit we see these days. If a sudden loss of control happens to your vehicle, it can just crash any other vehicle that’s on your way and costs your life and theirs too. 

  • Talking over the mobile phone

Never be overconfident on your driving skills and performance. Usually doing two things at once does not produce a positive result. While talking over mobile phone, your steering wheels will be in hand but your thoughts would be wandering. Around 65% of the population said that they talk over the phone while driving.

  • Texting over the phone

As smart phones and smart apps are readily available in the market, it has become very easy for people to stay in touch with beloveds. Texting while driving might thrill you for a while, but you can even lose your life in that moment. If you have something urgent to attend, just stop the vehicle nearby.

  • Driving while sleepy

During night travel, most drivers are found to be drowsy.  Even professional drivers fail to meet the criteria of being awake. Night accidents reported are mainly due to sleep deprived driving.

  • Reaching for dropped items in vehicle

If something falls inside the vehicle, we try to take it with one hand, balancing the steering wheel on the other. Our eyes would be concentrating more on the item and so in a fraction of second something miserable would happen to the driver and the vehicle.

  • Operating wireless stuff or music system

This is yet another dangerous distraction we see often. People try to adjust their antenna while driving to listen to FM music. 

Driving when you are distracted is dangerous. It can cause casualty to you, your friends, families, and others. So be sure to follow the safe driving needs.


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