Blind spots! What is it all about???

By Ronak
Driving Safety

Blind spots are a major cause for accidents and for failure in driving tests, which can be avoided if the driver checks for blind spots before the lanes are changed. RMS is an organization, which works to bring together the NSW Maritime and Authority of Roads and Traffic. RMS road user handbook is a capable tool for every candidate planning to attend driving test and it’s clearing explain an importance of blind spot. 

Many accidents happen when drivers are careless while changing lanes and during overtaking, that is when they fail to check blind spots. When you drive a car there will be an area, which you cannot view through side mirrors and rear view mirror. This area is called the blind spot of a car. A blind spot can easily cover another car, bike or cyclist resulting in accidents. This can be avoided if the driver checks the blind spot before he or she change lanes. There are blind spot mirrors that offer vision to spots where standard mirrors do not. Though mirrors can broaden the area of vision significantly it is yet safe to check the blind spot before a lane is changed. Checking blind spots is important to multi-lane roads, dual carriageways and motorways. Each time you drive off blind spots should be checked. If a learner driver taking a test for driving licence fails to check blind spot before he or she drives off, failure in the test is sure. 

Busy towns have lots of cyclists around making checking of blind spot all the more important. When you take a left turn a driver has to check the mirror. Even if this is done there are careless cyclists who overtake on the left, making checking of left blind spot very important. Many drivers fail to do so resulting in accidents. Sydney Onroad driving instructors particularly teaches learner drivers to understand and check blind spots. Anytime a car is moved from a still position, the driver has to check for blind spot. When driving tests are conducted examiners always ask the candidate to park left of a curb and then move off. This is done so that they can monitor your control before you move off and during move off, which of course needs the candidate to check the blind spot. 

A driver has to be careful while driving beside tractor-trailer trucks. Many drivers feel since the big trucks have higher seats the problem of blind spot does not occur to them. The area just behind the truck is a blind spot, so is the front area of the truck. The area near the right door of the truck is another blind spot. Reputed driving schools like Wentworthville driving school, Sutherland driving lessonSydney driving school and so on educate driving students on the dangers of blind spots and the importance of eliminating them. So why not, take a break and check your blind spots where it needs to be.

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