NSW Lockdown Restrictions for Driving

NSW is currently under a lockdown until the 30th of July 2021. With tight restrictions set in place to effectively reduce Covid-19 spread and exposure, many have raised the question regarding driving lessons.

At this point in time, driving lessons are unable to go ahead according to the health order that prohibits carpooling/travelling by car under any circumstance. Our team had a conversation with Service NSW in detail, and as per their recommendation have paused services until 30th July. This means no driving lessons will go ahead until the NSW government permits.

Driving tests in the Greater Sydney Area (inclusive of Blue Mountains, Shellharbour, Central Coast and Wollongong) have been suspended at least until 30th July. Anyone that had a test booked in this period will need to have it rescheduled. Please contact Service NSW 13 77 88 to receive more information regarding your driving test. 

While driving lessons are currently on hold, the lockdown can be a great time to complete online courses and increase driver knowledge. Use the code “LOCKDOWN70” to get 70% off on our Driver Safety Course today! This is a limited time offer that ends on 31st August 2021. 

For more information about Onroad Driving Education’s online courses, please visit: https://onroad-driving-education.thinkific.com/

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