Onroad is helping participants on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

By Ronak

The NDIS may be something you have heard about recently with the Government allocating funding towards the scheme in the recent Federal budget. This scheme has been put into place to assist people with a disability achieve day-to-day tasks. Receiving support is not only limited to the individual and offered to their family & carers. This is one of the many reasons that the Government has placed such a priority on continuing to fund the scheme as it is helping a large proportion of Australians.

Learning to drive is an activity that participants under the NDIS can do with specialised training. With this being an opportunity to help members of the community with extra needs achieve their goal in attaining their drivers licence we registered to be a provider. The service that we are registered to provide is Specialised driver training, which is under the CB Daily program. This service can be accessed all over Sydney for participants completing driving lessons with Onroad. Having a team of 28 instructors, we can teach the participant according to their preference of automatic or manual. To ensure instructors are on track and the participants are receiving the specialised driver training they require – feedback calls are conducted. This scheme has connected us with a variety of new clients and organisations. Our driving instructors have personally experienced the benefits of the scheme and witnessed the joy from participants that have progressed in their driving.

This scheme going forward should become fully operational to reach more Australians who are disadvantaged. It is this objective that will benefit many in our driving community and see their dream of being able to drive independently a reality. We are a firm believer of everybody having the opportunity to learn to drive.

If you have any questions or want to know if you qualify as an NDIS client call us on (02) 9863 3555 or email info at onroad.com.au. Start your driving journey with Sydney’s Multi Award Winning Driving School.

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