How to Convert Your International Driving Licence in Australia

By Ronak

An international Driving Licence lets you drive in a foreign country for a short period of time only. If you need a permanent solution, you must convert your International license to a domestic one. However, each state in Australia has its own process.

Some can even send you back to driving school to refresh your skills so you can pass the driver’s test. But don't worry! This article will help simplify the process. It will guide you through the steps to convert your international driving Licence in Australia. Stay tuned till the end.


An International Driving Licence is proof that shows that you hold a valid driver's Licence in your home country. It translates your driver's Licence into multiple languages so that the officials of a foreign country can understand it. An IDL lets you legally drive or rent a car while visiting a foreign country.

Benefits of having an international driving licence



You can drive in various countries without needing a local Licence in each place you visit.



Your international driving Licence can be a valid form of identification, especially in a foreign country.


insurance coverage

Some insurance policies may require an international driving Licence when renting a car abroad. Having one ensures that you are properly covered.


Language translation

The international driving Licence provides translations of your personal information and driving credentials, making it easier for local authorities to understand your details.


Cultural exploration

Having the freedom to drive with an international driving Licence allows you to explore and experience different cultures, landscapes, and attractions at your own pace, enhancing your travel experiences.


Here is the process of conversion of your IDL to a domestic Licence in the major states of Australia:


To convert your international driving Licence into a domestic Licence in New South Wales (NSW), follow these steps:


Check Eligibility

Determine which NSW Licence matches your current overseas qualification and experience. The NSW licensing scheme will convert your overseas Licence accordingly.


Knowledge and Driving Tests

Check if you need to sit for knowledge and/or driving tests to obtain a NSW Licence HERE. If you are unsure about your skills, consider taking a driving lesson at Newcastle, Albury or Sydney driving school.


Prepare Your Application

Complete a Licence Application form and gather the required documents like proof of identity and permanent residency. If your documents are not in English, have them translated.


Visit a Service Centre

Submit your application at a service centre. Provide all the necessary documents and complete any required tests or assessments.


Receive Your Licence

Once your application is approved, you will be issued a NSW driver's Licence.


To convert your international driving Licence into a domestic licence in Queensland, you will need to follow these steps:


Gather Required Documents

You must have the following documents with you:

- Your overseas driving Licence

- A recognised English translation of your Licence if it is not in English

- Evidence of identity documents to prove your residency in Queensland

- If necessary, a medical certificate declaring that you are medically fit to drive the specific vehicle class.


Submit Your Application

Apply to a Department of Transport and Main Roads customer service centre or Queensland Government licence issuing centre.


Pass the Road Rules Test and Practical Driving Test

The tests assess your knowledge of Queensland road rules and driving skills.


Pay the Required Fees

Pay the applicable fees for the road rules test, practical driving test, and Licence fee. The Licence fee will depend on the duration you want your Queensland Licence.


Receive Your Licence

Once your application is approved, you will be issued with a QLD driver's Licence.


Here’s how you can convert your licence in South Australia (SA):



If you have recently become a SA resident, you must transfer your licence within three months of becoming a resident.


Determine Licence Class

Identify the class of licence you wish to transfer. If you have a car or motorcycle licence, you can transfer it without a practical driving test


Gather the Required Documents

Collect the following documents and information:

- Overseas licence: Bring your original overseas licence. You must provide an approved English translation if your licence is not in English.

- Proof of identity: Bring appropriate identification documents to establish your identity. Check with Service SA for the specific requirements.

- Completed application form: Fill out the application form, which can be obtained from Service SA or downloaded from their website.


Visit a Service SA Customer Service Centre

Go to a Service SA customer service centre with all the required documents and the applicable licence fee. Present your overseas licence, evidence of identity, and completed application form. Service SA will verify the validity of your licence and may request additional information.


Temporary Licence

Once your application is verified, you will receive a temporary driver's licence to drive legally in SA.

Northern Territory

Like SA, converting your IDL into a domestic Licence within three months is essential in Northern Territory (NT). Follow the steps below to transfer your International Licence to an NT driver's Licence:


Application Process

To begin the transfer process, visit the nearest Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR) office. Then, fill out the application forms provided to initiate the process. Take essential documents like proof of identity, residency in the NT, and your overseas Licence with you. Lastly, pay the required fees for the Licence transfer.


 Driver Licence Receipt

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a driver's Licence receipt. This receipt serves as your authorisation to drive in the NT until you receive your NT driver's Licence card.


Validity of Overseas Licence

After submitting your application, your overseas driver's Licence will become invalid for use in the NT.


Delivery of NT Driver's Licence

Your NT driver's Licence will be sent to your nominated postal address.


To convert your international driving licence into a domestic licence in Victoria, follow these steps:


Check the Validity of Your International Driving Permit

The IDP must display the first issue date, licence number, and expiry date of your overseas licence to be accepted as a translation.


Make an Appointment

To obtain a Victorian driver's licence (full or probationary), you need to make an appointment at a VicRoads Customer Service Centre.


Take Necessary Documents

You must take important documents like the application form and proof of identity to the service centre.


Road Law Knowledge Test and Hazard Perception Test

Before attempting the driving test, you must complete and pass the road law knowledge and hazard perception tests.


Drive Test

The driving test evaluates your practical driving skills and ability to drive safely on Victorian roads. The test can be challenging, and enrolling in a driving school is recommended if you need any help.


Keep Your Driving Receipt Handy

After applying for your driver's Licence, you will receive a receipt proving you can drive until you get your Licence card. This receipt is valid for three months or until you receive your Licence card.


Converting your international driving license into a domestic one in Australia is essential if you plan to drive legally. Each state has its process, but generally, you must provide identity proof, an international driving Licence with an English translation and an application form. You should always check the official websites of the state transport authorities for the most accurate information.

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