Driving while talking on mobile? You are on life support!!!

By Ronak
Driving Safety

Talking on mobile phone even if it is hands-free is undoubtedly dangerous to all road users. Many are of the belief that hands-free devices are totally safe to use while driving unlike ordinary mobile phones. Holding a mobile phone to your ear is illegal while using a hands-free device is not yet illegal. Yet the dangers both create are almost the same.

In a Canadian study conducted it was found that use of hands-free devices made drivers more prone to making mistakes. They were found to be speeding more and switching lanes without using indicators or signals. A brain test conducted on users of hands-free phones showed a spike in brain activity and heart rate. It was also found that the distracted condition of hands-free phone users resulted in blood flow towards the brain in order to meet the added oxygen demands.

Driving schools and driving instructors continuously warn learners about the use of mobile phones while driving. It is observed that talking on the mobile phone is as dangerous as driving under alcoholic influence. The chances to crash are four times more for mobile users. The risk is not only to the person who does offence but also to all the road users. It was observed that more than 800,000 vehicles in United States are driven by drivers who use handheld as well as hands-free cell phones. The National Safety Council points out that 21% of vehicle crashes were the result of using mobile phones of both categories. Internet and Facebook are two effective tools that can be used to make people aware of the dangers of using mobile phones while driving. 

Many countries including Australia have prohibited the use of cell phones of all types while driving. If a learner driver uses mobile phones during a driving test, he is sure to fail the test. Sydney driving lessons offer beneficial driving lessons to learner drivers who are about to take a test. Ensuring self-discipline to improve personal as well as others safety will be a good step.

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