How to protect yourself while driving during natural calamities?

By Ronak
Driving Conditions

Whole world is prone to natural calamities and humans prove to be very minor in front of wrath of mother earth. The type is natural calamities is different in different parts of the world. Somewhere the form of natural calamities is earthquake, somewhere the areas are prone to floods or heavy rains or storms. Australia had experienced thunder storms and hurricanes in past. We are planning to share few safety measures and tips to protect your self during driving or while you are at home.

If you have a weather alert and aware of the upcoming calamity then first thing you have to do is

  • Get details of the emergency helpline number, doctors and medical help, emergency shelter.
  • Know the safest route from your location to the nearest emergency center.
  • Move the livestock to some high land area. Take pets inside the home.
  • Park your car in the hard walled garage or in an open land away from tress or light poles.
  • Arrange for enough quantity of water and store it at some safe place as flood or natural calamities can disrupt water supply.
  • Fill up some easy to cook food packages at home.
  • Check your emergency first aid kit for the family.
  • Secure the items which are loose indoors and outdoors as heavy storms can cause harm
  • Avoid driving, riding or walking through the flood or storm stricken areas.
  • Never seek shelters under the trees and protect yourself in concrete buildings.
  • Don’t use mobile or telephone during thunderstorm
  • Stay away and alert of falling trees and power lines.
  • Keep a hammer in your car always as during floods if you are stuck in the flood it may happen that automatic car doors get locked and it becomes difficult to move out.
  • Keep some chocolates and food items handy in car to have if you are stuck in traffic in safe area during any calamity in the city. It may help you and family.
  • Don’t stay attached to your vehicle if your car start getting covered up in water in flood. Immediately move out and find some higher altitude area.
  • Always keep your battery operated radio properly tuned and working. During natural calamities Television, phone may not work but government can communicate to you through radio and you can get latest alerts.
  • While taking shelter always take a note the shelter is not broken or with damages.
  • Avoid using electrical appliances.
  • Don’t move near any water body or flood or gutter gates during thunder storm, hurricane or heavy rains, flash floods can immediately gulp you or your belongings.

If you follow such steps during any kind of natural calamity, you can save yourself, protect your family and help many other people around. Try to be a community person and keep a helping attitude during tough times. Government is always there to help you but till the time administration reaches you only humans can help other humans. So be together.

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