Comparison and Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Written by Rebecca Saunders


Comparison and benefits of Electric VehicleS.

When travelling safely from point A to point B in a vehicle it is essential to ensure that your car has been sufficiently fuelled but what is the most effective source of energy today?


Petrol fuelled cars are a popular choice for motorists as they tend to be cheaper in comparison to diesel engines but the price fluctuates so filling up at the right time is important, they are also more affordable to maintain and can be easily refuelled when needed.


Diesel vehicles are considered to be more fuel efficient than petrol vehicles, they also deliver greater pulling power, better towing capacity; can withstand long distance driving and are designed to last longer.

Hybrid vehicles:

Compared to conventional vehicles Hybrids offer better fuel efficiency, power and produce low emissions - the hybrid uses 2 distinct types of power such as the internal combustion engine and the electric motor which cuts fuel consumption and conserves energy.


The most effective of the 3 is the Electric vehicle this particular vehicle will be a game changer in the next 2-3 years; Electric cars are designed to be as efficient as possible and have 3 main components the on-board charger, inverter and the motor which means there is less wear and tear; one of the biggest advantages of driving an electric vehicle is the improvement it can contribute to the environment, Electric vehicles run solely on a battery pack and there is no tail pipe so it won't emit any exhaust gasses, which in turn reduces air pollution particularly in congested cities and will be a health benefit. 

A battery electric vehicle has fewer moving parts than a petrol/diesel car, a service is less frequent, easier and it is over all economical. If you have solar panels and a battery for your house you won't consume energy from the grid while charging; which will reduce your running costs and plugging in the charging cable when parked is as simple as charging your mobile phone.

The future of Innovation is electric cars and for now it is just the beginning.

Onroad Driving School's Founder Sapna Shah believes that it is good time to buy an Electric vehicle as they are proven to be cost effective and there are more chargers on the way. 


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