Earl Dubier - Driving Instructor At Onroad Driving School

By Ronak

Hi. This is Earl Dubier and I would like to tell you something about myself. My level of education is Higher Secondary Pass, from India - Chennai (formerly known as Madras). I have had in the past done a few different roles in various jobs. Since immigrating to Australia 20yrs ago I have worked in the printing industry in the binding & finishing production line.    For the last eight years i have changed my career to become a Driving Instructor. This has so far been the best change i have made as i like to teach young and novice drivers how to drive and become safe and competent drivers who should share the road with other road users. I love to impart whatever knowledge i have to the new students to make them good and safe drivers. I do have lots of hobbies such as, Soccer, Cricket, Tennis & Swimming to name a few. I am married and have a lovely family with two teenage boys, who bring alot of joy to me. Besides my loving family my one great passion apart from being a Driving Instructor is my music. This is a good past time for me to relax and take time out from my busy daily schedule.

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