How To Practice Safe Driving

By Ronak

Getting a driving licence often means the key to freedom to many. However, this doesn’t mean you get the freedom to do as you like. Driving licence should on the other hand make you more responsible. When you are behind the wheels, you are responsible not just for your own life and the ones sitting in your car. You are also responsible for others on the road. A driver must essentially take care to avoid annoying other drivers. If you are a learner driver, you must take care to follow an instruction of your driving instructor or any full licenced holder person in Australia. Some of the common bad habits that are found in most drivers include not pulling hand break at the time of Parking or at traffic lights on hilly roads.

Some people also do not change gears even when the gears start making noise. You should try to avoid all such bad habits while taking your driving lesson . You must also get all your driving related queries clarified with your driving instructor. Some of the bad attitude that you find with most drivers include over-speeding. Moreover some drivers don’t slow down at amber lights. Instead they speed up. Another common attitude is regarding the use of indicators.

A study was conducted by the motor vehicles recently which revealed that most teenage drivers do not use indicators when necessary. They take it for granted that other drivers on the road have intuitions as to where they are heading to and expect other drivers to clear way for them. This is highly an irresponsible way of handling things. The Parramatta driving school can give you the basics of driving lessons . If you register anywhere in a Sydney driving school , you will realize the importance of getting good driving lessons .
Some other driving habits that annoy other drivers on the road are summarized here: some people have the habit of sending text messages and answering calls while driving. This is an irritating behavior. This may force the driver to slow down and the result is that other drivers behind him will also suffer. More than this, losing your concentration while driving may also end up in accidents. Always maintain your calm while driving. Showering abuses on your fellow driver for his mistake is definitely not going to help you either. The best thing about driving is to keep your cool and be responsible and concentrate on your driving. This will help not just you but also other drivers. Drinking and driving is a bad habit. This may also annoy other drivers.

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