Onroad Driving School Proven Experience

By Ronak
Onroad Driving School

Onroad was established in 2008 and since then we have taught up to 10,000+ students with an 80% success rate of passing in their First Go. Over the years we’ve aimed to provide our students with the best possible service and we tried to do this by assigning driving instructors with the best training and hiring driving instructors who have a passion and are willing to give it their best while training our students.

Here at Onroad we aim to provide the best learning experience  to all our students and we have aimed to do so since ’08. Onroad driving school has been nominated for over 45 awards, and out of those 45, Onroad has been awarded three and has been a finalist in 42.

We don't just teach you to pass at first go but beyond the Driving Test which can help them to be a safe driver. We also provide NSW Government initiated Safer Drivers Course where you can claim an extra 20 hrs in your Logbook. All our cars are modern fleet with dual controlled fitted and you can choose from Auto or Manual. Most of our Driving Instructors are accredited by Keys2Drive where you can claim one free driving lesson.

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