Young learners can take Safer Drivers Course (NSW)

By Ronak
Safer Driver's Course

If you are a youngster taking a driving lesson ensure you enrol for the Safer Drivers Course as well in order to be a complete driver. Driving instructors especially Sydney driving instructors advise drivers to go for the course so that roads become safer for all road users.

The Safer Drivers Course gives you deeper understandings of speed management, hazard awareness, secure following distances and gap selection. Completion of the course successfully will entitle you to logbook credit of 20 hours. Two modules are included in the Safer Drivers Course. The first module is a group discussion of about three hours along with other learners to offer a deep understanding on management of possible risks on road. In the second module two learners will be provided with a coaching session consisting of two hours inside a vehicle along with a coach to teach a wide array of practical driving behaviour that ensures safety. Though it is not compulsory to complete the two sessions in a single day, it is wise to do so within a month’s span so that the information you gathered will be fresh within you.

If you are interested in the course you can keep a check on when the course will be available in your area. Now the course is being moved to NSW, hence there is a shortage of providers. If it is convenient you can enroll for the course in any area. The fee is $140 and can be paid straight to the provider. The course materials as well as the vehicle for in-vehicle training will be provided.

The day they get a driving license is an unforgettable day in a teen’s life. It is not only a status symbol but it takes their confidence level to a new high. However, this is a time of great concern for parents as they are worried about the competency and safety of their children. Studies have found that though teen drivers include 7%, the fatal crashes involving them are 14%. The many factors resulting in the accidents are inexperienced in driving, lack of sufficient driving skills, poor driving decisions, risk taking, distraction, decision making and alcohol consumption along with too much driving at risk hours.

Good driving schools in Sydney offers good practice while learning and after getting a licence. Best lessons in Sydney schools equip youngsters with sufficient training as well. Parents should make all necessary arrangements for their children to attend best courses and acquire sufficient experience to make them good and safe drivers.

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