The Essential Safety Guide for Learners

By Rebecca


essential safety guide for learners

There are a number of Road safety topics and Driving tips that are an essential guide to assist Learners on the road; with that being said Onroad Driving Education has over 40 knowledgeable and dedicated driver trainers and a select few have shared informative topics in their own opinion that motorists can also benefit from:

Rebecca Saunders

How to move off from kerb:

When moving off from the kerb certain steps must be taken. 

Our Instructor Simon Ambrosoli calls them the high 5 or G,I,M,H,S

1. ( G ) Gear

2. ( I ) Indicate

3. ( M ) Mirror

4. ( H ) Hand Break

5. ( S ) Shoulder

In order to initiate this process, you must follow the steps below: 1 Put your vehicle into gear. 2 put the indicator on. 3 check your mirrors from left to right. 4 release your hand break. 5 check over your right shoulder.( Blindspot )

By doing this sequence this way you have completed the following and ensured safety when moving off from the kerb. 1 Car is in gear. 2 Indicator will have been on for 5 seconds before leaving the curb to alert other vehicles. 3 All mirrors have been checked from left to right. ( The surrounds of the car have been observed) 4 Hand brake has been released. 5. Right side blind spot has been checked before moving off.

Watch a video that explains this


Instructor Martin Alberts concludes that the basis for safe driving is observation. 

If you know what is around you, up ahead and behind then you are able to make decisions based on what your situation is. 

Always be alert. Check your side mirrors and rear vision mirror every 4 – 5 seconds, especially on multi – lane roads. 

Be aware of what is happening ahead of you 2,3 4, and 5 cars ahead, then if anything happens ahead, you are aware of it and can take the necessary action. 

Whenever you indicate always check your side mirror and blind spot in the direction you have indicated. 

Most importantly Be aware, be alert and be safe. 

Watch a video that explains this


This rewarding advice from our Driving Instructors will be a welcome addition to the Learners knowledge and will assist in encouraging motorists to make further informed decisions on the road.

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