Double Demerits this Labour Day weekend

By Rebecca


This Labour Day Long weekend Double Demerits will apply on NSW roads from Friday 02 October 2020 until Monday the 5th of October 2020.

Police and Emergency services will be in full force with the weekend approaching in a bid to slow down drivers and save lives as motorists will be expecting to take advantage of the warmer weather and relaxed COVID-19 restrictions.

The Police will be targeting speed, seatbelts, illegal mobile phone use, and motorcyclists not wearing helmets.

Drivers caught not wearing a seatbelt will lose 6 demerit points and also if drivers are caught with unrestrained passengers they can incur 12 demerit points with a potential loss of license

This will also be the third time Mobile Phone Detection Cameras have been used over a holiday period. Drivers caught using their phones will receive a hefty fine of $344 and will lose 10 demerit points

(Please note:  Learner and P1 drivers will have their license suspended for at least three months for any of the above offenses when committed in NSW)

The safety of our community is important so please take care this long weekend, be mindful on the roads and drive safely. 

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