Mobile Detection Cameras

By Ronak


Over 7 million dollars in fines have been raked up as Australian motorists have continued to avoid the previous warnings. despite a select few of the Mobile Detection Cameras being in fixed locations within NSW and a small undisclosed number of temporary locations; in the first 2 months Authorities have caught 21,000 motorists.

Recent reports have revealed that 11,790 mobile phone detection camera fines were issued in March 2020 alone and a further 9000 motorists were fined in April even though there were fewer cars on the road due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Combining the tickets issued by cameras and police officers, mobile phone offenses in NSW added up to more than $7.5 million in fines in March and April 2020

The minimum penalty for holding a phone while driving is a loss of five demerit points and a $344 fine, or $457 in a school zone.
The mobile phone penalties are the same whether the vehicle is stopped in traffic or traveling in speed.

During NSW double demerit periods such as public holidays and school breaks, the mobile phone fine remains the same but the points are doubled. With this being said motorists are not able to browse social media, email, or respond to text messages even if your phone is in a cradle, at any time.

The only circumstance in which you’re allowed to use a mobile phone while driving is to answer or make a call, as long as you’re using the car’s controls to operate it and the device cannot be rested on the driver’s lap or shoulder or held away from their body.

Unlike mobile and fixed speed cameras in NSW, there are no visible warning signs posted for mobile phone detection cameras. Some have called for warning signs to be placed ahead of the camera locations to deter drivers from using their phones but this concept has not been confirmed.

Here at Onroad, we support these regulations; the safety of our drivers and the greater community is our number one priority. please take care and be mindful when using your mobile device on the road.






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