How to drive a car in reverse gear

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How to drive a car in reverse gear

Driving a car in reverse can be sometimes confusing, especially if you are new in car reversing. We do not have to drive our car on that reverse way, but situation arises mostly when backing out of a parking space or some congested markets. You can see even an experienced driver getting confused while car reversing at a parking place. If you want to exit a narrow end or if you are feeling like going backward, then reverse gear is the only solution for you. In this article you will read about the car reversing techniques which will help you in many ways at the time of reversing your car.

Stop your car, shift into reverse and turn on the hazard lights (in some countries)

The first technique will be perfect for you and also a logical one. First you should stop the car to a complete zero speed, press the brakes and the clutch and move your shift into reverse and start.  There are few cars, which need to press a trigger on the stick so that you can easily swipe it in reverse and whereas some car will allow you to push it into reverse without doing any triggering action. According to your car configuration you might have to press the brake button on stocks.

Properly adjust your mirrors

The next step will be to properly adjust the mirror and this will help you have a better control on your car’s exterior easily without any problem. There are many people who do not even care about the cleaning of mirrors as it is an important thing to do first. It all comes down to experience and personal preference. In a short time you will learn about your car dimensions and problem of adjusting the mirrors will be no longer.

Turn around, or don’t

This is the big question arises when you are driving in reverse: should you look in car mirrors only or you can turn around? Looking at the last window will give you a better feel about the distances, you will have to look back constantly to see how you are doing on that side. Some cars do not have the back window or they will have a small window. So, it will be better for you to turn around while reversing the car.

Drive slowly

This is the most vital car reversing techniques as you have to drive slowly while reversing the car at many places. If you are driving fast while reversing, then the possibility of car damage will be higher as you will not have proper time to look back out of the car. The reverse gear is the strongest one in your cars and it will give you the strongest kick and will start faster than your car first gear.

Right is left and left is right

We have seen many people saying this when driving in reverse, it is correct only if you are picturing your car turning the front all the time. If you are going in reverse and turning the car wheel to left, then it will make your car go left as want your back to go left.

So, in this article you have read about the car reversing techniques. Make sure you are following all the above techniques while reversing your car. Ron Marsha has written many articles on Safer Drivers Course, Westmead Driving Instructor, Castle Hill Driving Lessons, Sydney Driving School, Northern Beaches Driving School, Parramatta Onroad Driving School and Strathfield Driving School etc.

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