Safer Drivers Course Website integration with Onroad Website

By Ronak
Safer Drivers Course

Safer Drivers Course Website integration with Onroad Website


Onroad Driving School is a provider of the NSW Safer Drivers Course and its website ( has recently been integrated with the main Onroad website ( and therefore no longer exists. However, there are several benefits as a result of this integration:

  • The website integration allows us to better manage the allocation of course participants as well as scheduling course facilitators and course venues. 
  • Everything is one place: Whether you have booked a standard driving lesson, a test car package or a Safer Drivers Course, every booking is now in one place and shows up under the your history. Simply log into your account to view every booking you have made on the Onroad website 
  • Module 2 allocation: Following Module 1, which is the theory part the course, the new website integration allows the office to easily book in and allocate participants for Module 2, which is the 2 hour practical aspect of the Safer Drivers Course. If you book early enough you will most likely be able to complete Module 2 straight after Module 1 on the same day
  • Hassle free booking process to save your spot for the Safer Drivers Course at one of our locations in Sydney 

Overall, the website integration has been proven to be a good thing as clients can now easily process and manage their bookings for either driving lessons or the Safer Drivers Course in one place.


The Safer Drivers Course logo is a trade mark of Transport for NSW of 18 Lee St Chippendale NSW Australia.


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