Safety Tips for This Year's Halloween

By Rebecca

Halloween is getting increasingly popular in Australia and NSW has been given the green light for Trick or Treaters to continue the tradition this year but also to remain vigilant and follow the COVID safety rules that have been put in place for example: Children need to travel with families only, Halloween will be held in the front yard instead of door knockers, 1.5m distance still applies, hand sanitiser is to be offered and no communal bowls to be used for treats; only sealed packaging. Halloween takes place on the first weekend in 5 years so children and parents will still be expecting to gather in residential streets for this occasion.

Children will be accompanied by an adult on this occasion but motorists are urged to be aware of children and families unexpectedly entering and exiting the road, visibility will be low, wet weather has been predicted and children's peripheral vision may not be 100% clear as it may be obstructed by a mask or hood, drivers also need to take care when turning into or reversing out of driveways.

Halloween is supposed to be a night of scares but that doesn't mean they should be extended to our NSW roads.

So families please ensure your children remain in sight, stay in well-lit areas off the kerb, dress your children in bright colours to be visible for passing motorists, and drivers please watch carefully for pedestrians.

Please take care this weekend, stay safe, and have a spooktacular night.

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