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By Ronak

Learn to Drive Confidently through this Macquarie Park Driving School

How would you like to get into your car with the absolute confidence that you are a skilled and safe driver? Imagine driving in your car knowing that you are a competent driver with the knowledge and skills given to you by an accredited instructor.

So much of driving involves specific learned techniques that you can only acquire through an experienced instructor. The professional instructors at Onroad Driving School will teach you everything you need to know to drive confidentially in your own car patiently and calmly.

Accredited RMS Instructors

Onroad Driving School in the Macquarie Park area of Sydney, is an award-winning driving school with only the highest trained and RMS accredited instructors available to teach and show you how to drive defensively and safely.

RMS accreditation is required to be a driving instructor through the Roads & Maritime Services section of the government of New South Wales. As all our instructors are accredited, you or your family can rest assured that they are getting the highest quality on-road driving instruction.

At Onroad Driving School in Macquarie Park, we are very proud of the number of female instructors that are part of our teaching team. Learning to drive can be a somewhat intimidating experience and as a young female learning to drive, having a woman instructor can have a calming effect, making the experience of learning easier.

All our instructors understand what it’s like to first learn to drive and they make the process fun and exciting while still maintaining professionalism, care and safety and can you teach you to drive either an automatic or manual transmission.

Onroad Driving School Courses and Test Skills in Macquarie Park

We understand that learning to drive is a process that involves many steps. We start the teaching at your own pace. We feel that it’s best to build confidence within each step of the learning process so that you are confident and excited to move forward to learning more.

Once you have completed the driver's course, which includes speed management, hazard awareness, safe following distance, crash control and other driving strategies to becoming a safe driver you will have the knowledge and skills to pass your test.

With Onroad Driving School, we have what is called the First Go Guarantee. If for some reason, you do not pass your test the first time around, you will receive a free driving lesson before your second attempt at the test.

We strive to instil all the necessary elements for our students to be able to pass their test with ease and our instructors go above and beyond to help them. Our students have historically had a high pass rate on their first test, and we are very proud of all our students and instructors.

At Onroad Driving School we have several pricing packages depending on your specific requirements, so please call today so that we can find the perfect deal for you.

If you live in Macquarie Park and are searching for the perfect driving school, contact us today. Our team of fun and highly trained professional driving instructors are available most days to teach you, so please don’t hesitate to call. We are here for you.

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