Are you too cool for Driving School?

Written by Rebecca Saunders

Do you tell yourself you can’t or you won't drive?
Are you unsure what to expect behind the wheel? or do you need to brush up on your training before your driving test?

At OnRoad Driving School we know that It can be overwhelming for new or less experienced drivers to navigate the roads in Sydney; especially during wet weather, peak periods or low visibility conditions. That's why our friendly Onroad team are here to assist in helping you move forward. ????

Driver Training:

We have over 40 certified instructors within the Sydney suburbs that are professionally trained and will ensure that you gain the skills and confidence needed to stay calm, adapt to situations on the road and learn the traffic rules associated. 

Our team of dedicated Instructors offer lessons 7 days a week and can provide the training in both our Automatic and Manual Transmission cars.

Packages and Pricing:

We offer a 1 hour government accredited Keys 2 Drive lesson which is free of charge.( You can register on the website and follow the prompts before making your booking)

Our lessons are $65 per hour and in your first lesson you receive a $10 discount.

You may also take advantage of Our Onroad lesson packages:

  • Starting with x 5 lessons for $300 ($60 a lesson)
  • × 10 lessons for 580 ($58 a lesson)
  • ×20 lessons for 1100 ($55 a lesson)

Our Test Car package is $195 and included in the package is a 45 minute practice refresher one hour prior to your Driving Test and the use of your instructors vehicle for the duration of your test.

Study with us

Our lessons aren’t only equipped to help Learner Drivers. If you drive as a commute or you need to use your car for work purposes, there is always new information you can learn and refresher courses to be taken. We offer the following Programs:

  • Highway Driving
  • Company Packages
  • Defensive Driving
  • Safer Driver Courses (just to name a few)

Learning to drive can be a daunting experience but in hindsight it can also be rewarding; giving you the freedom of independence, the confidence to drive without supervision and our Onroad instructors are qualified to help guide you in that positive direction.

Happy Driving! 

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