Do you provide Driving Lessons under NDIS?

By Ronak

We here at Onroad are the largest NDIS provider in Australia and we believe in not only quality education but also building relationships with our clients and truly understanding each individuals own personal requirements. We have helped hundreds of NDIS clients achieve positive outcomes through our Specialised Driving lessons and look forward to helping many more.

What is NDIS?
NDIS is The National Disability Insurance Scheme which supports a better quality of life for hundreds of thousands of Australians with a significant and permanent disability . NDIS will assist to provide funding to cover the cost of your driving lessons and manage a personalised plan. Please see the following NDIS link for further information

What services do you provide through NDIS?
We offer specialised driver training: Most of our NDIS instructors have experience in working with clients with Asperger's, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Missing Limbs, Hearing Impairments, ADHD, Dyspraxia, Anxiety & Panic Attacks Disorder.
We also provide In car driving lessons., as well as vehicles with modifications such as Spinner knob: With the steering wheel knob fitted correctly and securely, the driver will be able to turn the steering wheel through a full 360 degrees without having to take their hand away. This makes driving, parking and general manoeuvring in your vehicle become effortless, and safer. 
A select few of our vehicles are completely modified and easy to use for clients with paralysis or other limitations.

What steps are taken to earn my licence through NDIS?
NDIS will review the eligible participant by determining their relevant medical condition that impacts their driving ability and they will also need to obtain their Learners licence.
They then need to contact a specialised occupational therapist to conduct a driving assessment and complete a  
comprehensive medical report that will detail physical, visual and cognitive abilities and the OT will assess your practical driving skills, determine vehicle modifications and assess the next plan to progress towards earning a provisional or full licence with us.

Are you allowed to take lessons from a non approved NDIS provider?
We recommend not to do that because non approved providers are not professionally trained for disability driving and your NDIS plan may not cover the cost. The NDIS plan will not be covered by insurance as they are a Non Accredited NDIS Provider. It's highly recommended under the NDIS Scheme that you use all services from NDIS providers and confirm their provider number before taking their service.

What is the difference between an NDIS provider and a non accredited provider? 
The Credited provider are again professionally trained,they have extensive experience in disability driving and before you book the service with NDIS please ask for the provider number to ensure you are fully covered under the NDIS plan.

Our instructors here at Onroad Driving School have undergone specific training under Rehab On Road to offer a professional and appropriate service to our clients with additional needs. This provides a great sense of independence and freedom for NDIS clients.

We are Australia’s Leading Experts in Driver Education and we are committed to making your experience as smooth and easy as possible. 

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