Drugs and Alcohol Awareness Programs

If you've lost your driver's licence due to a drink or drug driving offence, chances are you'll need to attend an Education Program and/or have an assessment. We can help you through the re-licensing process with our informative and effective Drug & Alcohol Awareness Course.

These are not Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation programs. Their aim is to educate on the effects of alcohol and drugs specifically in relation to driving and traffic matters.

For example, a brief overview of the course would include:

  •  General knowledge of alcohol and drugs: for example addressing popular myths as to how the body metabolises alcohol and effects on a person's health, behaviour and driving ability.
  •  Building awareness of drink and drug driving: this would address potential social and personal consequences, as well as legal ramifications if you were to be charged and convicted of such an offence. 
  •  Setting a future plan: this addresses the context that usually leads up to a drink driving offence, consequences of any further drink driving charges and identifying risky behaviour and making plans to avoid those situations.

You will receive a Certificate of Completion when you finish the course.

Course Length: 3 hours

This course is available at flexible locations for your convenience

Cost: $299 (inc. GST)

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